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How long does counselling or psychotherapy go on for?


In general, counselling lasts for a shorter time than psychotherapy. That's because counselling usually looks at one or two current issues, rather than exploring how the issues arise in you and helping you to develop strategies for reducing them or learning how to manage them better.

In both cases, the minimum number of weekly sessions is likely to be about six, and then it will be a matter of discussion between you and the practitioner as to whether to continue, and if so far how long. You will always be in control.

The effectiveness of counselling and psychotherapy, and the speed of its progress depends greatly on your motivation, self-awareness and personality, and the understanding that builds between you and the practitioner. Since, as human beings, we vary so much in these qualities and the speed at which we can work with these types of issue, it is impossible to predict the rate of personal development, and therefore how long counselling or psychotherapy will take.


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