Why now?

In today’s world the pressures and choices we all face can sometimes feel overwhelming, and the events that impact on us stretch us to our limits.

At such times would you find it helpful to find an unbiased listener who can provide support and guidance, and help you find your way?

Would you like to discover within yourself the ability to resolve issues, and the strength and direction to make your life feel more fulfilled and joyful?

This is what Psychosynthesis counselling and psychotherapy is about.

There can be a multitude of reasons why now feels like the right time to come for counselling or psychotherapy. Here are just a few that people bring -

  • I’m bored, I lack direction and purpose.
  • I feel anxious and out of control.
  • I sometimes get very angry and frustrated.
  • I feel stuck. I want to be more creative in my life.
  • I get bullied and there's no one to listen to me.
  • I feel empty, lost, adrift.
  • My relationship has gone wrong.
  • I keep making the same mistakes.
  • I’m afraid I won’t succeed.
  • I feel hurt and angry.
  • I’m depressed. The future fills me with dread.
  • I find it really hard to make choices and decisions.
  • My life doesn’t feel right but I don’t seem able to make changes.
  • My loneliness is unbearable.
  • I can’t get on with my children and it doesn’t feel right.
  • I can’t cope with my life.
  • I feel shy and lost for words.
  • I'm confused about my gender or sexual orientation.
  • My partner and I are always arguing.
  • My relationship is violent but I can't leave.
  • I can't stop drinking/gambling/etc.

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