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How can individuals distinguish the right "talking" therapy, and the right counsellor or psychotherapist?


Individuals who seek to find a "talking" therapy can be met with huge amounts of therapeutic jargon that confuse and medicalise symptoms. Someone seeking therapy is often in a very vulnerable place, so it's even more important that information is presented in a straightforward way that is easily understood by the non-professional.

It should be possible to find your way around the various types of therapy by simple, "jargon-free" signposting, be guaranteed that a therapist will be supportive, effective, responsive to your needs, safe to practice and is accountable. But that's all to do with professional competence and should go without saying.

What is just as important is how you feel about the person who is the counsellor or psychotherapist. It is important to feel safe, to feel able to speak freely, and to feel heard and understood. Since each of us will have had our own unique set of life experiences, who we feel comfortable with in these terms is also likely to be unique to us. This means that choosing a counsellor or psychotherapist is a very personal business. We therefore recommend an initial exploratory meeting, before any commitment is made, so you can assess whether you feel comfortable working with someone without any pressure.


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